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How to open locked safe without damage

If you have you lost the keys of your residential or business safe or have forgotten the combination, it’s a nightmare scenario. You recently spilled out a quite handsome amount of bucks to a high-quality safe to keep your valuables protected from damage and unauthorized access, but suddenly you been locked out. Before landing on […]

When You Need Locksmith – You Need Us !

About us We use our hard earned money to buy a car, and need to safeguard it against damage and theft and with crime on the increase we need to find ways to deter the burglars and protect our properties. Camarillo Locksmith in collaboration with our principals, who are leaders in the security appliances industry bring […]

How To Become A Locksmith | Locksmith Camarillo

How to Become a Locksmith An ever-growing industry, locksmithing is a noble career path that many attempt to cultivate. The prospects of becoming a locksmith are intriguing and rewarding. Locksmiths get to help people every day, much like firefighters or clinical therapists. As if this altruistic incentive wasn’t enough, locksmiths also get the opportunity to […]

How Locks And Keys Work | Locksmith Camarillo

How Locks and Keys Work Locks and keys are important facets of our society. They are a large part of our motivation to acquire material goods, and they contribute to our mentality of ownership. With a lock on the door, a lock on a safe, and locks on virtually everything else, you might wonder how [...]

Business Security | Locksmith Camarillo

Business Security/ Locksmith Camarillo Having trouble at your business, is there always suspicious characters prowling around and you’re not sure what their purpose is. Maybe they are scoping out your property and its assets inside. Perhaps your security system isn’t quite up to par and they see your building as a really easy opportunity. In [...]

I Locked My Keys In The House | Locksmith Camarillo

Locksmith Camarillo I recently found myself in a bit of trouble when I was busy running errands one day and found myself to be so distracted that I left the house leaving my keys inside. We have a door that locks automatically so as soon as I heard it close I realized I was out [...]

Damaged Locks | Locksmith Camarillo

Locksmith Camarillo Over time I have been noticing that it is becoming more and more difficult to lock my door. I know that the locks are really old but I’m not sure if it’s a key problem or both.  I’m starting to lose my patience with continually having to fiddle with the lock to make [...]