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Rekeying is a great option if you misplace your keys, they brake and you don’t have a spare, it can very often work out much more cost-effective than having to replace your locks. Rekeying can be performed on just about any type of lock by a skilled locksmith professional. Rekeying is a procedure where a locksmith will be able to adjust the internal pins of a lock, once the pins inside the tumbler of a lock have been adjusted they will no longer fit the old key. The locksmith will have to make a brand new key that fits exactly to the newly formed tumbler. Once a new key has been laser cut using special tools and equipment you will have a new working lock without having to go to the trouble of replacing the whole entirety of the lock. Rekey is a really good solution when you have locked yourself out of any property be it a home or office, it is also recommendable when you have too many keys. Rekeying is a procedure you can do to all of the locks in your property to make one key work for every lock, making life that little bit more convenient and easy.

Rekey locksmith Services

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Rekey Services

Rekey Camarillo is the company you need, at rekey Camarillo we can rekey all types of locks at any time of the day or night offering around-the-clock 24hr rekeying service to Camarillo and adjoining places. We are a mobile service provider so our telephone assistance will dispatch a technician over to your address. Typically our service provides will arrive in 20-25 mins maybe sooner and will commence work as soon as possible. Rekey Camarillo has a great lineup of technicians who is all accomplished individuals and experts in their industry. Once our technician has arrived they will inspect your locks the majority of times a rekey can be performed on the rare occasion where the inside of the lock has been severely damaged then a rekey will not be able to be performed and a new lock installation will be the only way forward, but our technician will inform you if that need to be carried out. We take due care with every service we give making sure every step is completed with accuracy, quality, and excellent customer service. Rekey Camarillo provides not only excellence but value for money too so don’t hesitate to call and speak to an assistant regarding your rekey service today (805) 273-2199 24 hours a day.