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Having trouble at your business, is there always suspicious characters prowling around and you’re not sure what their purpose is. Maybe they are scoping out your property and its assets inside. Perhaps your security system isn’t quite up to par and they see your building as a really easy opportunity. In current times burglar’s aren’t just after merchandise which they can resell or cash, they are after documents and identities, titles and any form of important paperwork. So even if you’re a bit nonchalant about your property not seeing that there is anything really valuable there think again. Just because you do not think it is valuable doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Having worked in the security industry for some good time there are a few things you might like to consider to keep your business safe and sound, along with some possible ideas to maybe also update your current security.

Alarm System

CCTV Surveillance

Access Control

Window Locks and railings

Internal Door Locks

Safes – Vaults

Office Furniture Locks

Master Key Systems

High Security Locks

You should also make sure that any employees you have of building visitors are well versed in a few basic security techniques like:-

Keeping an eye out for strange characters that seem to not belong, you can report them or ask if you can help? It may just be enough to deter someone

Make sure everyone follows your “No Solicitation” policy

Keep main doors and windows locked

Do not leave personal items such as purses or phones on display

If you stay late at work make sure extra doors are locked and that somebody knows you are there

Never leave computers running, lock the screens to avoid data going missing

Make sure you check the ID of any kind of visitor from cleaning to maintenance

Always be aware and never afraid to report something you feel is not quite right better to be safe than sorry.

Protect your access cards and key fobs at all time

That was just a few other ways you can try to keep your business safe. When it comes to business security there shouldn’t be any short cuts. Make sure you find a good, reliable locksmith who can help you with installations, advice and even maintenance programs. Once you find a company you feel comfortable with stick with them it will be less hassle for you in the future. Always use a licensed, certified, insured and bonded locksmith and find a company who specializes in commercial properties and business security. Finding a specialist will mean you get all the possible knowledge of latest products, best deterrents, things that work best and what should be avoided. A locksmith is full of information and will be happy to offer it to you. Find yourself a locksmith today and take your security back into your own hands.

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