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If you have you lost the keys of your residential or business safe or have forgotten the combination, it’s a nightmare scenario. You recently spilled out a quite handsome amount of bucks to a high-quality safe to keep your valuables protected from damage and unauthorized access, but suddenly you been locked out. Before landing on this page, you may’ve searched high and low for keys and have tried hard to recall the combination without any luck.

What can you do now to open the safe without causing any damage? Fortunately, there are a number of options to get around this situation. Let’s have a look at some of the surprisingly simple hacks.

1. Use a Manual Override Key:

After being locked out of safe, the first thing is to use the equipment that came packaged with your safe. Manual override locks are installed at a noticeable position on the front of the safe, typically next to the combination dial. If your locked safe came with a manual lock override, find the key immediately. It’s the easiest and safest way to restore your access to the safe. Use the key to open the lock and reset the combination afterward. Of course, if you are unable to find override, don’t worry, we have more options to try.

2. Opening the Safe with Rare Earth Magnet:

Whether you are trying to open a digital safe or a sentry safe, Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet worth USD 20 could pull you out of trouble within a few minutes. In this method, all you need to do is put a piece of a magnet having pulling force 200 to 450 pounds in a Gym Sock and attach to the top left corner of the locked Sentry Safe and move it back to the right side. Did the magic? No? Move it around. To open a digital safe, put the magnet below the solenoid and see the magic! Your safe is opened! Just be careful and don’t carry the magnet close to any electronic gadget, household utensils, other magnets, and people wearing a pacemaker.

3. Bounce or Smack Method Can Save Your Day:

The workaround might sound weird, but for small combination safes, it’s worth a try. Place a piece of cloth on a flat surface and put the locked out safe on that. Afterward, lift one side of the safe by an inch and let it go. After dropping the safe, check the door. For some safes, a small drop will just do the trick to release the door. If the first attempt doesn’t work, try a few more times by slowly increasing the drop distance. Another method is smacking the locked safe with a hammer gently above the solenoid while trying to open the door at the same time.

4. Utilize a Wire or Paperclip:

Although the doors on combination lock safes are usually strong, robust, and irrepressible to unauthorized access attempts, there will always be a fine gap between the door, and the mainframe of the safe, and a thin object can open the locked door for you. For this workaround, all you have to have is a paperclip or a thin wire and knowledge of the area where it might work.

First of all, straighten the paper clip straight and cut it into two pieces. Now twist one half of it at a 90-degree to make it look like a tension tool and bend other half of the clip at 45-degree angle, so that resembles a Feeler Pick with Needle-Nose Filers. Insert Tension Tools like the clip at the lowermost of the keyhole and rotate anticlockwise and insert Feeler Pick like the clip at the upper side of the hole, ensuring that 45-degree curve side is facing up. Now chuckle the Feeler Pick like clip until safe opens.

5. Call a Locksmith:

If you’ve had no luck with the above hacks, it’s time to contact a locksmith. In fact, some people would resort to this option in the first instance. Although it can be expensive to hire a specialist, they have the expertise to restore your access to safe quickly.

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