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COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY SITUATIONSEmergency is a situation that occurs all of a sudden. It gives you no prior notice. And when it does so, most of the times, you get confused or irritated and hence take steps that make the situation even worse. In case of the locking systems of your office or business valuables, emergency situation will need immediate servicing of the locks. Whether you are locked out of your office or the key is stuck inside the locks, it means that the safety of your business is at stake for the time being. It is obvious that in such a situation, you will be extremely panicked. After all, it is the question of you entire earnings. But instead of getting worried, all you need to do is to call for a locksmith.  But you have to realize that you are stuck in an emergency from which you will have to come out keeping yourself cool. Here are 5 commercial emergency situations that demands for a locksmith instantly:-

  1. Emergency rekey-This kind of situation may arise in cases when you have moved to new office and don’t want anyone else to have the keys of your locks for security reasons. Or it may be that your keys has been lost or stolen and you are worried about some unauthorized access to your locks. This is an extreme commercial emergency that needs rekeying from a certified locksmith so that only the new keys can open all your locks. Moreover, if you find it difficult to tackle multiple keys for various locks, you can rekey them so that a single key fits them all. These are the cases when you need a locksmith.
  2. Lock outs-Of course, when you are locked out of your own office due to lost, misplaced, broken or jammed keys, it’s an emergency that instantly needs a locksmith.
  3. Lock issues and servicing-Sometimes you may find your locks jammed and working properly. Don’t ignore. This is an indication that the locks need immediate servicing. Call for a locksmith.
  4. Key copies-In case of a lost or broken key, if you are sure that no unauthorized access is responsible for that, you may also go for copies of the existing keys. This definitely needs a very expert locksmith. However, it is advisable to go for rekey in such cases.
  5. IC Core replacement-An interchangeable core is a compact keying mechanism in a specific small format figure eight shape. This has specialized control keys which if lost, broken or misplaced give rise to extreme emergency situations. You immediately need a locksmith.

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